Jiangsu Wanshida Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd.
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1. What are your main products?
We primarily produce scrap metal baler, alligator shearing machine, waste baler, scrap metal briquette press, four column hydraulic press, metal crushers, oil mills, and cylinder crushers, etc.

2. Where can your products be used?
Y83 series scrap metal baler can press steel shavings, scrap steel, scrap aluminum, scrap copper, scrap stainless steel, and other waste metal into qualified furnace charges of cuboid, cylinder or octagon, etc. This metal baler is mainly used in recycling industries, steel factories, ferrous metal smelting, and other fields.
Q43 series alligator shearing machine is mainly used to cold cut all shapes of profile steels and other metallic products and process them into qualified furnace charges. It is usually applied in metal recycling and processing factories, automobile dismantling plants, smelting and casting factories, and so on.
Y82 series waste baler can press and bale many loose materials, such as waste cottons, cotton yarns, cloths, wools, ball tops, scrap papers, waste plastics, wheat straws, metal cans and tins, sacks, and so on. The baled materials are of high density and uniform size, easy for transportation.
Y83 series scrap metal briquette press can compress various steel scraps, cast iron scraps, copper cuttings, aluminum scraps and other scrap metal into high density cylindrical briquette, making them easy for recycling and smelting.

3. What are your technical advantages?
3. 1. We possess a group of experienced designing and developing personnel who can design and develop a wide range of hydraulic machinery to meet the different requirements. For examples, to meet the requirements of some automobile engine casting factories, we developed cylinder crusher. This crusher can crush engine cylinder body into several chunks, making them easy to carry. We have applied for and obtained invention patent and appearance design patent.
3.2 Our skillful manufacturing staff, high precision and advanced processing equipment can fully meet the processing or debugging requirements of different hydraulic machinery.

4. How do you reduce the production cost?
Through implementing flow line production, purchasing high quality raw materials from nearby factories, rationally utilizing raw materials and reducing energy consumption, etc., we effectively reduce our production cost.

5. How do you control the quality of balers and other products?
Our inspectors take sampling inspection in every production process and all the machines have to undergo run test before they leave the factory.

6. Are your balers and other products environmentally friendly?
All of our products are manufactured in compliance with environmental requirement. They are environmentally friendly and are safe to use.

7. Which countries are your balers and other products exported to?
Our scrap metal balers and other products are now successfully sold to 57 countries, including Russia, Ukraine, America, Australia, South Africa, Portugal, Thailand, Yemen, Israel, Panama, Costarica, Iraq, Mauritius, Indonesia, Korea, Angola, Argentina, Belgium, White Russia, Canada, Kuwait, Chile, the Czech Republic, Algeria, Estonia, Spain, England, India, Ireland, Iran, Jordan, Japan, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, South Korea, Kazakhstan, Laos, Madagascar, Myanmar, Mongolia, Mexico, Malaysia, Nigeria, Norway, New Zealand, the Philippines, Poland, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Singapore, Slovakia, Turkey, Vietnam, and Zimbabwe, etc.

8. How many sets of balers and other products can you produce every year?
We can produce 360 sets of scrap metal baler, 400 sets of alligator shearing machine, and 150 sets of scrap metal briquette press, every year.


9. How long is the lead time?
In general, we can deliver you goods to you within 35 days after the receipt of your prepayment. If we have goods in stock at that time, the lead time will be shorter.

10. What kind of after sale service can you provide?
Our scrap metal balers and other products come with 1 year warranty. During this period, we can provide wearing parts for you for free. Beyond this period, we can offer you main component parts at cost price.

11. Have you or your products obtained any certificates?
We have obtained ISO9001:2008 certification, cylinder crusher national patent certificate, and are appraised as Quality and Reputation Guarantee Enterprise and 3A credit standing enterprise, etc. Besides, our balers have obtained CE certificate.