Y83 - 630 Scrap Metal Briquette Press

Our Y83-630 scrap metal briquette press gets the metal scrap briquetted for second fusion instead of using the waste steel, pig iron, aluminum ingot and scrap copper directly as raw materials, lessening the melting loss and improving the utilization of waste materials. It is commonly applied in the aluminum alloy section plant, diverse casting plants of steel, aluminum, copper and other materials. </p>
<p>This scrap metal briquette press is configured with PLC for automatic operation. The feeding system is also adopted, keeping high efficiency. With the diameter of 160mm, 180mm and 200mm and the height of 300mm, the briquette can be specially designed in size to fulfill the demands of users.

Technical Parameters
No. Technical Parameters Note
1 Main Front Briquetting Cylinder Model YG550/320-470 Quantity 1pcs Main composite briquetting cylinder  
Nominal Pushing Force 5810kN Efficient Stroke 470mm
Main Rear Briquetting Cylinder Model YG160/110-480 Quantity 1pcs
Nominal Pushing Force 510kN Efficient Stroke 480mm
2 Discharging Cylinder Model YG125/80-220 Quantity 1pcs  
Nominal Pushing Force 300kN Efficient Stroke 220mm  
3 Feeding Cylinder Model YG110/60-350 Quantity 1pcs  
Nominal Pushing Force 200kN Efficient Stroke 350mm  
4 Briquette Size (D×H) φ160×(70~100)mm  
5 Die Cavity Size(D×H) φ160×265mm  
6 Hydraulic System Working Pressure 25.5MPa  
7 Single Cycle Time About 25s  
8 Briquette Density ≥ 5000kg/m3 Cast iron scrap
≥ 2000kg/m3 Aluminum scrap
≥ 6000kg/m3 Copper scrap
9 Efficiency 1500~2500kg/h (continuous operation) Cast iron scrap
10 Operation Mode PLC, button control for single or continuous operation.  
11 Cooling Mode Air cooling  
12 Motor Model Y225M-6 Quantity 1 set  
Rated Power 30kw/50HP Nominal Speed 980rpm
13 Hydraulic Pump Model 160YCY14-1B Quantity 1 set  
Nominal Pressure 31.5MPa Rated Discharge 160ml/r  
14 Overall Dimension Mainframe: 2755mm×1200mm×4500mm  
Hydraulic Station: 2600mm×1800mm×1400mm  
15 Machine Weight About 18ton  

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