Y83-250 Scrap Metal Briquette Press

This Y83-250 scrap metal briquette press is mainly applied in the aluminum alloy section plant, steel casting foundry, aluminum casting factory, copper casting plant, etc. It compresses the waste metal into briquette for melting again instead of the scrap steel, pig iron, aluminum ingot and waste copper. This machine reduces the melting loss of materials, significantly increasing the utilization of waste metal. </p>
<p>The scrap metal briquette press can be operated manually or automatically by PLC. Moreover, the optional feeding system can be mounted to meet the needs of customers. Without heating or adding any additives, this product is able to press various granular or powder cast iron, aluminum, magnesium, titanium, molybdenum and other metal materials into high density cylindrical briquettes, which will not become loose before thrown into the furnace.

Technical Parameters
No. Technical Parameters Note
1 Main Front Briquetting Cylinder Model YG340/290-330 Quantity 1pcs  
Nominal Pushing Force 2100kN Efficient Stroke 330mm  
2 Main Rear Briquetting Cylinder Model YG140/90-340 Quantity 1pcs  
Nominal Pushing Force 400kN Efficient Stroke 340mm  
3 Pushing Cylinder Model YG110/60-150 Quantity 1pcs  
Nominal Pushing Force 145kN Efficient Stroke 150mm  
4 Feeding Cylinder Model YG80/50-250 Quantity 1pcs  
Nominal Pushing Force 80kN Efficient Stroke 250mm  
5 Hydraulic System Working Pressure 25MPa  
6 Single Cycle Time About 20s  
7 Size of Die φ100mm×170mm  
8 Size of Bale φ100mm×(50-80)mm  
9 Motor Model Y180L-4 Quantity 1pcs  
Rated Power 22kw Nominal Speed 1470rpm
10 Hydraulic Pump Model 80YCY14-1B Quantity 1pcs  
Nominal Pressure 31.5MPa Rated Discharge 80ml/r  
11 Equipment Weight 5500kg

Related Names
Scrap Briquetting Press | Scrap Metal Briquetting Press | Scrap Metal Briquetter Machine