WSD-6300 Scrap Metal Shear Baler

Our WSD-6300 scrap metal shear baler is designed for cold compaction of various thin metal materials with less than 4mm in thickness into rectangular bales at normal state, such as scrap steel, scrap iron, iron and steel scrap, and wire rod, etc. Furthermore, this metal scrap baling machine is capable of cutting the rectangular bales to a required length as per application needs. Also, it can shear steel sections that are not longer than 5m. Our scrap metal recycling equipment brings great convenience for storage and transportation of scrap metal, and simultaneously provides qualified furnace charge for metal smelting plants.

Technical Data of WSD-6300 Scrap Metal Shear Baler
NO. Parameters Remarks
1 Shearing cylinder Model YG560/380-645 Nominal pushing force 6300kN 630T
Stroke 645mm Quantity 1pc
2 Compaction cylinder Model YG180/120-600 Nominal pushing force 630kN×2 126T
Stroke 600mm Quantity 2pcs
3 Left compression cylinder Model YG200/140-520 Nominal pushing force 800kN X3 240T
Stroke 520mm Quantity 3pcs
4 Right compression cylinder Model YG200/140-510 Nominal pushing force 800kN X3 240T
Stroke 510mm Quantity 3pcs
5 Pushing cylinder Model YG240/180-5500 Nominal pushing force 1000kN 120T
Stroke 5500mm Quantity 1pc
6 Opening dimensions of work bin (L×W×H) 5000×2000×1050mm
7 Closing dimensions of work bin ( L×W×H) 5000×700×500 mm
8 Bale Size W×H 700×(300-500)mm
Length 300~1500 adjustable (fix length with time relay)
9 Shearing speed 3-4 times/min
10 Sections to be sheared Square steel: 125×125 Round steel: Φ140
Steel plate: 50×600
11 Thickness of baling material ≤4 mm
12 Capacity 9.0-10.0 t/h
13 Operating pressure of hydraulic system 25.0(20.0)MPa
14 Cooling mode of hydraulic oil Manual air cooler
15 Motor Model Y250M-4 Power 55 kW
Rotating speed 1490 r/min Quantity 4 sets
16 Plunger pump Model HY225Y-RP Displacement 225 ml/r 1500 r/min
Nominal pressure 31.5MPa Quantity 4 sets
17 Air cooler Model FCE-60PX Power 4.8 kW
Voltage applied 380V/ 50Нz Quantity 1set
18 Power supply 380V/ 50Нz As required by customers
19 Total power of equipment 225 kW No electric heater
20 Outline dimensions (L×W×H) 14000X3700X3900mm
21 Weight of equipment Approximate 58T

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