WSD-4000G2 Scrap Metal Shear Baler

Our WSD-4000G2 scrap metal shear baler is the perfect equipment configured in the medium and large scaled waste metal recycling site, metal smelting plant and other places. It has a wide customer base in Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, India and other countries where we have our sole agents or distributers. As for our customers, we help them to install and debug the equipment and offer training lessons and other services.
This scrap metal shear baler is designed with lid on the compacting box that is 1,500mm wide at maximum. According to customers' needs, the size of compacting box and the bale can be specially designed. Furthermore, the motor or Cummins diesel engine can be configured depending on the processing conditions of users.
The warranty period of the equipment is one year and it can be prolonged as required. More information of this product can be obtained by contacting our specialized sales group.

Technical Parameters
No. Parameters Note
1 Shear Cylinder Type YG450/320-520 Nominal Force 4000kN 400ton
Stroke 520mm Quantity 1pcs
2 Clamping Cylinder Type YG140/100-495 Nominal Force 400kN×2 80ton
Stroke 495mm Quantity 2pcs
3 Side Hydraulic Cylinder Type YG240/160-1160 Nominal Force 1150kN×2 230ton
Stroke 1160mm Quantity 2pcs
4 Lid Cylinder Type YG200/140-1420 Nominal Force 800kN×2 160ton
Stroke 1420mm Quantity 2pcs
5 Pushing Cylinder Type YG200/140-3750 Nominal Force 800kN 80ton
Stroke 3750mm Quantity 1pcs
6 Compacting Box (L×W×H) 3000mm×1500mm×700mm  
7 Bale Size (L×W×H) (300~3000)mm×400mm×400mm  
8 Cutting Frequency 2-3times/min.  
9 Blade Length 500mm  
10 Thickness of Applicable Material ≤3mm  
11 Applicable Steel Section for Cutting (mm) Square steel:90×90
Angle iron:180×180×15 (3pcs )
Round steel: Φ100
I steel: 320×132×11.5
Steel plate:30×450
U steel: 320×90×10
12 Capacity 1.5-2.5t/h  
13 Cooling System Air cooling system  
14 System Working Pressure 25.0MPa  
15 Motor Type Y225S-4 Power 37kw  
Rated Speed 1480r/min. Quantity 2pcs  
16 Plunger Pump Type HY160Y-RP Nominal Discharge 160ml/r  
Nominal Pressure 31.5MPa Quantity 2pcs  
17 Power Supply 380V/50Нz  
18 Overall Size (L×W×H) 9100mm×4500mm×3400mm  
19 Machine Weight About 44T  

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