WSD-4000C Scrap Metal Shear Baler

Applicable for using in the medium and large scaled metal smelting factory, scrap metal recycling site and other places, this WSD-4000C Scrap Metal Shear Baler has been mainly exported to Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, India and other countries. Moreover, we have set up sole agents or distributors in these regions.
This scrap metal shear baler is configured with the occlusive compacting box, suitable for processing the oversized waste metals and baling the scraped vehicles. The specific size of compacting box and the bale can be designed specially to meet the needs of users. As for the standard specification, the machine is about 3,000mm or 5,000mm long, 1,350mm or 2,000mm wide. Based on the processing conditions, this machine can be equipped with motor or Cummins diesel engine.
Our machine is warranted for one year and the warranty period is allowed to be expanded as required. Additionally, we supply users with a range of services like installation and debugging of machines, training for operators and so on. Our sales group will give more product information for customers.

Technical Parameters
No. Technical Specifications Note
1 Cutting Cylinder Type YG450/280-570 Nominal Force 4000kN 400ton
Stroke 570mm Quantity 1pcs
2 Clamping Cylinder Type YG140/100-495 Nominal Force 380kN×2 76ton
Stroke 495mm Quantity 2pcs
3 Left Cylinder Type YG180/110-530 Nominal Force 630kN×3 189ton
Stroke 530mm Quantity 3pcs
4 Right Cylinder Type YG180/110-530 Nominal Force 630kN×3 189ton
Stroke 530mm Quantity 3pcs
5 Pushing Cylinder Type YG220/160-5520 Nominal Force 1000kN 100ton
Stroke 5520mm Quantity 1pcs
6 Chamber Size (open) 5000mm×1350mm×625 mm L×W×H
7 Chamber Size (closed) 5000mm×572mm×460 mm  
8 Bale Size (W×H) 572mm×(300~ 460)mm  
L 300mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm (four options )  
9 Cutting Frequency 4~5times/min  
10 Applicable Steel Section for Cutting (mm) Square steel:90×90
Angle iron:180×180×15 (3pcs )
Round steel: Φ100
I steel: 320×132×11.5
Steel plate: 30×450
U steel: 320×90×10
11 Thickness of Applicable Material ≤3mm  
12 Capacity 2.0~3.5T/h  
13 Cooling System Air cooling system  
14 System Working Pressure 25.0(15.0)MPa  
15 Motor Type Y250M-6 Power 37kw  
Rated Speed 980r/min. Quantity 3sets  
16 Pump Type 250YCY14-1B Nominal Discharge 250ml/r  
Nominal Pressure 31.5MPa Quantity 3sets  
17 Power Supply 380V/50Нz (Customizable)  
18 Overall Size (L×W×H) 12800mm×4600mm×3750mm  
19 Machine Weight About 45T  

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