Y83/T-125 Scrap Metal Baler

This Y83/T-125 scrap metal baler is the most popular product of us. Its highlight resides in that the compressed bale density is higher than that of any other type of machines. The bale is tight, compact and not easy to get loose. Meanwhile, the machine is designed in small volume. It is space saving and productive.
Our scrap metal baler is configured with shearing blades on the Lid and sides of compacting box. Therefore, the large sized material can be cut first and then be compressed. The feeding hopper can be selected according to the demands of users. In addition, this product is designed to push the bale out on one side, improving the safety of operation and making the bale convenient for transportation.

This type of machine is highly praised by customers in South Africa. At favorable price, this product helps users to substantial profit.
Technical Parameters
No. Parameters Note
1 Main Hydraulic Cylinder Model YG240/180-1005 Quantity 1pcs 125ton
Nominal Thrust 1250kN Stroke 1005mm
2 Side Hydraulic Cylinder Model YG220/160-1170 Quantity 1pcs 95ton
Nominal Thrust 950kN Stroke 1170mm
3 Lid Cylinder Model YG130/90-1098 Quantity 1pcs 33ton
Nominal Thrust 330kN Stroke 1098mm
4 Wicket Cylinder Model YG110/60-340 Quantity 1pcs 23.5ton
Nominal Thrust 235kN Stroke 340mm
5 Hydraulic System Pressure ≤ 25.0MPa
6 Compacting Box Size 1400mm×700mm×700 mm L×W×H
7 Bale Section Size (250-450)mm×300mm×300 mm W×H
8 Bale Density ≥ 1800kg/m3  
9 Single Cycle Time About 70s No load
10 Power Supply 380V/3Ph, 50Hz  
11 Hydraulic Pump Model 160YCY14-1B Rated Pressure 31.5MPa  
Nominal Displacement 160ml/r Quantity 1pcs  
12 Motor Model Y200L2-6 Rated Rotating Speed 970rpm  
Nominal Power 22kw Quantity 1pcs  

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