Y83-200 Scrap Metal Baler

The Y83-200 scrap metal baler is mostly applicable for the metal smelting factory with medium output, as well as the waste metal recycling station. It is a manually operated machine. Its compacting box is made in size of 1600mm×1200mm×800mm and 1800mm×1400mm×900mm as customers like. The dimension of the compressed bale is about 400mm×400mm in size.
Based on the demands of customers, the scrap metal baler can be matched with 37kw or 44kw power system. Its output is able to reach 4 to 6 tons within an hour. More information in detail can be supplied by our sales department.

Technical Parameters
No. Parameters Note
1 Main Hydraulic Cylinder Model YG320/220-755 Quantity 1pcs  
Nominal Thrust 2000kN Stroke 755mm  
2 Side Hydraulic Cylinder Model YG240/160-1260 Quantity 2pcs Double cylinders in parallel
Nominal Thrust 950kN×2 Stroke 1260mm
3 Lid Cylinder Model YG200/140-1250 Quantity 1pcs  
Nominal Thrust 800kN Stroke 1250mm  
4 Turn-out Cylinder Model YG125/80-395 Quantity 1pcs  
Nominal Thrust 300kN Stroke 395 mm  
5 Hydraulic System Pressure 25MPa (Max. Pressure 27MPa)  
6 Oil Tank Capacity 2160L  
7 Compacting Box Size 1600mm×1200mm×800mm  
8 Thickness of Baled Material Common metal mateials  
9 Bale Size 400mm×400mm  
10 Bale Density ≥ 1800kg/m3  
11 Control Mode Manual control  
12 Single Cycle Time About 120s  
13 Oil Pump Model 160YCY14-1B Rated Pressure 31.5MPa  
Flow Quantity 160ml/r Quantity 2pcs  
14 Motor Model Y225M-6 Rated Rotating Speed 980rpm  
Power 30kw Quantity 2pcs  
15 Overall Dimension 6800mm×3800mm×2000mm  
16 Machine Weight 16 ton  

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